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  Welcome to the Best Migraine Cure Headache Relief website. Here you will find proven tips, tricks, and advice. There is no reason to spend the day in a blinding pain fog. There are really good Best Migraine Headache Cures using natural methods that really work!

  • Getting Started: First stop eating chocolate and any other sweets. Get off the Asprin and pain killers like Excedrin and Tylenol. Long term use can actually increase the frequency of headaches, plus they can cause liver, kidney, and stomach problems. If you are addicted, it won't be easy. Quit drinking soda pop, even if it is diet. Aspartame can cause headaches! The Aspartame in diet pop is a poision neurotoxic the FDA has allowed. Aspartame is a good bug killer! You can replace soft drinks with green tea as it has about the same amount of caffine, plus it is cheap to make. You can sweeten green tea by adding a little natural apple juice. If you are using any blood thinners or other medications, see your doctor before trying any natural remedy.
  • Alkaline Booster and Magnesium: Just take one dose per day just to get your body back to normal. The Alkaline Booster removes acid from your cells, so the herbal remedies will work faster. The Magnesium vitamins are just plain good for you, and most people suffering headaches are lacking Magnesium anyway. Make a full glass of strong Alkaline water using drops. Use it to wash down the Magnesium pill. Keep taking the Alkaline Booster water and Magnesium for two or three weeks. There is a chance this treatment may reduce the frequency of migraine headaches by itself.
  • How Well Do Natural Cures Work? Some people will see some improvement in a few days, and others could take weeks. The longer you take a natural remedy, the better it works. The exceptions are Butterbur and White willow bark, as you don't want to take them more than a few days at a time. Also if you have severe ragweed allergies, some of the herbs below can cause a reaction. Note: If your headache is recent and nothing works for pain, see your doctor right away. Other causes could be sinus infection, ear infection, parasites, or even stroke!
    1. Feverfew Extract: Feverfew is one of the best long time Migraine headache relief remedies. It works so well with most people, it could be considered a migraine cure. Give Feverfew two weeks to start working good. Take twice a day for a few weeks, then cut back to once a day. Taking Feverfew before bedtime is best. No problem with long term use.
    2. Butterbur Extract: This is a poisionous weed, so use caution. Only take in capsule form. Butterbur is the best remedy as the "right now" headache cure. It could work as fast as 20 minutes. It is OK to take Butterbur with other herbs, but don't use it for more than three days in a row.
    3. Black Seed Cumin: Works good for long term, and could be effective as soon as a few hours. Black Seed Cumin is a true cure-all herb. It has been known to also lower blood pressure, and prevent cancer. Black Seed Cumin is also a great tasting spice for mexican and italian foods. No problem with long term use. Awesome remedy for cold and flu!

    4. Curcumin Extract (Tumeric): Tumeric is another cure-all herb that can eliminate pain, and is good for fighting cancer and heart disease. Curcumin is popular with arthritis sufferes too. If you have stomach ulcers from years of taking pain killers, Curcumin can promote healing. The side effects are: Curcumin could add years to your life! OK for long term use.
    5. Glucosamine and Chondrotin: These compound herbs are the most popular for easing the pain of osteoarthritis and promotes healing of the cartilage. It did not take long for arthritis sufferes to realize Glucosamine - Chondrotin eliminated their Migraine headaches too. What a surprise! Glucosamine and Chondrotin is fine for long term use, even if your joints feel fine.
    6. Coenzyme Q10: Known as the brain fuel. CoQ10 will make you alert and clears cobwebs as good as coffee. This natural smart drug has also helped some Alzheimers patients. Coenzyme Q10 has either reduced or cured Migraine headaches in most people that use it. It may take 3 weeks to start working good, but you can be the smart one in the room in the meantime.
    7. Ginko Biloba: This herb is so popular, you can find it in any drugstore or supermarket. Ginko Biloba improves memory, and reduces blood clots. Great herb for stroke prevention. Ginko Biloba has the powerful flavonoids and terpenoids antioxidants and works wonders for cluster headaches. Alright for long term use. Do not take with Asprin!

    8. White willow bark: White Willow Bark works like it is the herbal form of Asprin, but without the Asprin side effects. White willow bark works pretty fast relieving your headache pain. It does take the edge off Migraines. Only take White willow bark for a few days or it won't be as effective.
    9. Cayenne (capsaicin): Cayenne peppers have an ingredient called capsaicin. Capsaicin is a very strong natural pain reliever. Cayenne works for arthritis and pains from sports injuries, so it works for headaches too. Cayenne peppers are 3X hotter than Jalapenos, so only take in capsule form. You may feel an (wow!) endorphin rush when you first start taking Cayenne.
    10. Passion Flower: Passion Flower is a good calming herb and reduces the feeling of stress; sorta like Prozac. Don't let this gentle weed fool you. Passion Flower has strong anti-inflammitory and migraine pain killing properties. Passion Flower should be the first choice for stress related headaches.
    11. 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan): 5-HTP is still new to the western world, so not much research has been done. 5-HTP is made from African Griffonia Simplicifolia beans. In the body it converts to serotonin, so 5-HTP is a great aid for depression and sleep. A side effect is that it almost eliminates migraine headaches. If nothing else works, give 5-HTP a try.
    12. American Ginseng Extract: The reason the extract version is listed is because the bottled Ginseng sold in supermarkets is really weak. I also believe the American is better quality than the Korean. Ginseng is a magical herb known to help alleviate depression, stomach ailments, sexual disfunction, respiratory illnesses, inflammation and fatigue. Guess what? Ginseng works for Migraine Headaches too!
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    Best Migraine Relief Natural Headache Cure

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